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Bridging the gap Between Artists & Corporates

About Us

WORD_UP Entertainment is a Company that focuses on creating Opportunities to both Upcoming and established Artists through organizing events that will give artists a chance to showcase and market their talents/products. The main purpose of the event is to give exposure and market both upcoming and established Poets, Musicians & all other forms of artistic arts. The  Company aims at meeting the needs of Corporate event organizers, artists and the Clients themselves. Ricardo Benon, the founder of WORD UP Entertainment who also doubles up as a marketing Director at RB_Entertainment INC ensures that every artist that passes through   these event gets more opportunities through giving them referrals to event organizers. Established artists are given an opportunity to come and talk about their Video, CD launchs, their next Concerts and also mentor Upcoming artists. Creating the mentality that IRON SHARPENS IRON between Artists. The events also accomodates Wedding & Birthday afterparties through providing a DJ to introduce Dancing sessions for Party Lovers. This is done after the Live bands & Poetic performance. WORD_UP Entertainment runs events such as FLYING KISSES under WORD UP LIVE! at Dass The Ethiopian Restaurant, Westlands, Currently Running the Ice Skating Festival at THE PANARI HOTEL among other events....

More Information

Companies that wish to sponsor the event are given an opportunity to come and place their Banners during Word_UP events, Talk about products that they have with offers e.t.c and We also put their Companie's Logo on our event posters that are put in all Business joints like Sarit Centre, Yaya Centre, Alliance Francaise...Our Clientelle consists of Tourists, Managers & Directors & Tourists. For More Info

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Email: worduplive@gmail.com
Phone: +254701606346
P.O BOX: 61591-00200



 A beautiful evening to wind up the week with Live Bands, Acoustic, Poetry & Spoken Word while taking Ethiopian Meals, Coffee among other favorite drinks, networking and so on.
Live performance by HBK Band, Mutinda Mukenia, Simon Gechow and others.
Meet Corporates, Event Organizers, Photographers, Instrumentalists, Designers and so on.
Host: Ricardo Benon
Date: 26th April 8, 2014
Time: 6:30-9:30 Pm
Tickets: 400 Ksh

My name is Bany.
 I am a singer, guitarist and songwriter. I lead a band called Bany And Band.
 Born and raised in DR Congo. Been living in Kenya for four yers now and am a
student in Business Information Technology in Strathmore University. 
I Perform in weddings and other corporate events.
I have performed in several WORD_UP ENTERTAINMENT events, Ice Skating Festival, Flying Kisses and I perform with my band every month at Kengeles in Lavington